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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I have receipts for parking stays that I didn't get credit for in my ZoomClub account. I was wondering how I could get credit for them?
We would be more than happy to add your transactions to your ZoomClub account. Please provide the transaction number found at the top of your parking receipt along with your ZoomClub account number, and we'll take care of it. Or you may add the transaction by logging in to your ZoomClub account and selecting "My Transactions." Then enter each transaction number (found at the top of your parking receipt) and your pin #. We want your experience to always be an enjoyable one!

I parked with you but did not have my ZoomClub card to scan. How do I add the parking days to my account?
To add any transaction to your ZoomClub account, please log in and select "My Transactions." Then enter the transaction number (found at the top of your parking receipt) and your pin #. That will add the transaction to your account. If you prefer that we add the transaction for you, please send me the transaction number found at the top of your parking receipt along with your ZoomClub account number.

Do you offer a corporate discount?
We do offer a 10% corporate discount, but it would benefit you more to join our "ZoomClub." As a member, you get a 10% discount at checkout and earn points toward free parking days. The coupon is available once you have signed up for the ZoomClub. To use the coupon, you just pull it up on your phone and scan it at the gate. With this program you also earn points that can be used for free parking days. Also, as a member you can make reservations at $1.95 instead of the standard reservation price of $4.95.

Do you provide shuttle service to the South Terminal?
We do not provide shuttle service to the South Terminal. However, we can take you to Southwest's terminal and from there you can take the airport shuttle to the South Terminal. When you return, take the airport shuttle back to Southwest's terminal, and we will be able to pick you up at our usual spot in the lower level.

Can I schedule an oil change or carwash while my car is there?
Car care services such as oil changes and car washes are scheduled after you've arrived at our lot. If you're a Valet customer, your attendant will offer the Car Care Services to you. If you're a self-park customer, the shuttle driver will offer you these services instead.

I need to change my e-mail address in my ZoomClub account.
We're sorry, our system won't let us update emails. Please make a new ZoomClub account with the updated email and then let us know, we can then transfer all your previous transactions to the new account and you will continue to receive all your points.

How can I get a new ZoomClub card?
We can definitely send you a replacement ZoomClub card. It will take approximately 2-3 business days to receive it once we've received your request. In the meantime, you can use your virtual card from any of your devices to scan at the gate. If you have any other questions, please let us know.

I've accidentally made a second reservation for the same day. Is there any way you could cancel one of them?
To cancel one of your duplicate reservations, we will need the order ID numbers for both reservations. For future reference, one-time, reservation fees are nonrefundable. But as in this case you accidentally made an extra reservation, we can definitely refund one of the fees.

Can I get a copy of my receipt for my records?
Yes! To get a copy of your receipt, we'll need your transaction number or the date, time, and amount of the transaction. If you are a member of our ZoomClub, you can log into your account and print a receipt directly from your account.

We received a separate $1.95 charge on our credit card, but it is not listed as a separate transaction on my receipt. I need a copy of the invoice for $1.95.
The separate charge ($1.95 for ZoomClub members and $4.95 for nonmembers) is the one-time, online reservation fee. It is a separate charge and won't be listed on your list of transactions. If you would please send us the last four digits of the card you used to make this reservation, we'll gladly send you a receipt for it.

I seem to have two different accounts, I would like to keep only one, but they both have points from separate stays.
We can deactivate one or the other account, but need would need the two account numbers to do so. Which account you would like to keep operating? We will transfer all the points from the other account to the one you want to keep.

I need to cancel my reservation.
Please send us the date and time of your reservation and we will cancel it for you. For future reference, one-time, reservation fees are non-refundable. We never charge for parking up front, so if for some reason you don't show up, the only charge applied to your credit card is the $1.95 reservation fee for ZoomClub members or $4.95 for nonmembers. We appreciate you letting us know, however, that you won't be needing your reservation.

My reservation from two months ago is still showing up under 'reservations' and not as points, even though we have completed that visit.
Points are not earned for making a reservation but for the actual parking stay itself. To make sure future parking stays are applied to your account, be sure to scan your ZoomClub card or the ZoomClub barcode from your phone during payment at the gate. If the actual parking stay related to this reservation is not listed on your ZoomClub account, please provide the transaction number found at the top of your parking receipt along with your ZoomClub account number and we'll add it for you. If you don't have the transaction number from the parking receipt, then we would need the day and time you checked out.

Do you have a monthly rate?
No, we don't offer a monthly rate. Our parking rates are based on a 24-hour daily rate. Self-park covered parking is $11.95 + sales tax & airport fee and valet covered parking is $15.95 + sales tax & airport fee. If you join our ZoomClub, there will be a 10% off discount coupon available in your account that can be applied to any and all stays.

My ZoomClub points aren't showing up on your app for some reason.
If your points are not showing up on your app, please log out and then log back in to your ZoomClub account. Your points should then appear. If for some reason this doesn't solve the problem, please let us know. We want your experience to always be an enjoyable one!